Rustic rattan furniture for interiors and leisure areas

The excess of information in all forms, from the internet, chaotic traffic in cities or work overload, increasingly claim spaces to disconnect, to be closer to nature and to yourself. At this point, decoration becomes a great ally, especially when using the natural appeal of rustic furniture to insert coziness in indoor and outdoor environments.

When the rustic style enters the scene, a series of aesthetic factors and conceptual values ​​collaborate for this feeling of warmth , since it hardly distances itself from what comes from nature in a raw form and handmade . In this context, natural fibers such as rattan become protagonists, lending lightness and resistance to the decoration that is based on sustainable craftsmanship .

The naturally delicate earthy tones of the natural fiber decor combined with bold designs transform rattan furniture into timeless pieces that make up the modern boho style with originality. Among the infinite possibilities of braiding and shaping rattan for decorating environments, bed headboards, organizing baskets , screens, children's swings , armchairs and chairs benefit from the fiber's versatility.

The use of rattan fiber in Indonesian furniture goes back to the weaving of wicker baskets and furniture from natural fibers such as reeds in Ancient Egypt , around 3000 BC. The simplicity, resistance and high durability of this Egyptian furniture inspired different ancient cultures such as the Roman Empire , which adopted the use of wicker, conceiving furniture and objects with new designs.

Wicker furniture had a rise boosted by maritime trade between the 16th and 17th centuries. The basis of current Balinese rattan furniture is inspired by Dutch creations such as baby furniture and chairs with high backs produced at this time. The change of culture during the Dutch colonization in Indonesia popularized the use of rattan core for furniture manufacturing, in addition to giving Indonesians a new way of producing art.

The exoticism promoted by rattan , in addition to its main characteristics such as resistance and easy cleaning, made it extremely popular for interior decoration , leisure areas and balconies in the Victorian Era ; which, after a period of decline in the early 20th century, returned to prominence in the furniture market in the 60s and 70s with the old and elegant aesthetics of the Victorian style . And although today's furniture exudes the sophistication of the period, it is modern in style without losing its bohemian feel.

The rattan fiber is taken from the long, slender stems of around 600 species of climbing plants in the palm tree family. It is an abundant and predominant renewable natural resource in the tropical forests of Indonesia - as well as in countries in Asia, Africa and Oceania - which is light, flexible and presents rapid growth, favoring transport, handling and reforestation.

Indonesian natural rattan is generally manufactured using water, which improves the quality, comfort and finish of rustic furniture , making it more natural and elegant. In addition to not being toxic, this treatment also does not contribute to the environmental impact, inserting the sustainability present in Indonesian culture as one of the pillars of the manufacture of handcrafted furniture .

Since Indonesia holds 70% of the world's production of rattan and the archipelago's local artisans are endowed with artistic excellence, it is not surprising that the natural fiber furniture imported from Bali stands out in the braiding technique that composes the structure and transfers it to the environment. furniture the refined aesthetics of basketwork - one of the oldest manual crafts.

Indonesian craftsmen took advantage of the malleability of rattan to manually create airy pieces, adorned with braids and elegant curved shapes that create a special atmosphere in environments by promoting the rustic style without being heavy. The excellent care with the natural fiber , which corresponds to one of the two productions certified by the Forest Stewardship Council , reflects in the unique character of the handcrafted furniture that make any space exclusive.

Rustic furniture made with rattan withstand different climatic factors such as high temperatures and humidity, making them ideal for composing outdoor environments with style and functionality. Pieces such as round chairs and peacock chairs become focal points in the decoration of leisure areas, uniting the beauty of modern design with the comfort of natural raw materials .

Most handcrafted furniture made with natural rattan is likely to make you shy away from the obvious, indoors or outdoors. And the children's double swing is a decorative art that can affirm this concept with its very existence. The modern aesthetic elevates the piece to the status of a work of art in decoration while, as a toy , it makes children's daily lives more fun.


Braids and curves caused by the malleability of rattan give lightness to the rustic decor.

This is the transformative and surprising power - from beginning to end - of rattan in Bali style furniture, whose value as a sustainable product and the value of handmade are pillars that dialogue with those who aim for a life with more purpose. In our online store you will find inspiration and information to create a home that matches your journey in search of well-being .


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