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Bali is not only an island paradise, it is also one of the regions in the world with the greatest cultural and spiritual mix. It is valid to say “life in Bali is governed by religion”, as well as all forms of art that are part of the material culture of the island of Bali. The combination of cultural diversity + spiritual faith + talented artisans results in decorative arts of unique and admirable beauty that spread throughout the world and enchant tourists who visit the region.

Bali wood decorative arts. Photos: Reproduction

Masks are strongly linked to the tradition of the Island of Bali, they have been part of religious ceremonies, dances and theaters for over a thousand years. Ancient societies already used masks in their religious ceremonies, but in Bali (Indonesia) these rituals only thrive. The production techniques used by artisans on the island have been improved over the years and their decorative masks are more beautiful than ever, thousands of people around the world collect and collect Bali masks .

Collection of decorative wooden masks. Photo: reproduction

Several types of arts are produced by thousands of artisans on the island, but the wooden masks are of the “typical souvenir from Bali” type and fascinate tourists for their authentic beauty and spiritual magic. One of the most used items for wall decoration in the USA and other places in the world. Start noticing the items that decorate the walls of American movie houses, I believe that right away you will find some walls decorated by masks .

Display of decorative masks in Indonesia. Photo: reproduction

Decorative masks have also become popular in Brazil. The Arte & Tune online store is the ideal place to find the greatest variety and exclusive models . And the best thing is that there are always new models available, all in 06 installments without interest and delivery throughout Brazil . So you can even create your own collection! Masks combine with different environments, always giving a touch of magic and bringing a rustic design to your home decor. See some rooms decorated with wooden masks :

Environments decorated with wall masks. Photos: Reproduction
decorative-wood-wall masks
Walls shades ethnic style. Photo: reproduction
Washbasin with ethnic masks decoration. Photo: reproduction
Rustic room decor with masks. Photo: reproduction

Share your collection of masks with us, send photos to the email , I confess that I'm going to love to see it, I'm a big fan. To repay your kindness, it will be a pleasure to offer you discount coupons to increase your collection with exclusive models from the Arte & Tune online store.

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