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Boho Decor and Zen Garden in Spring

is arrived at spring , the trees sprout flowers and fruits. This phenomenon can also be perceived in us humans, whether in the physical, emotional or spiritual field . A good home decor bet for this season is investing in flowery environments that mix elements with colors and the natural appearance of fibers, in order to stimulate our creativity and abundance , which are characteristics of spring times.

Also the harmonization of a beautiful Zen Garden , which can, in addition to bringing the freshness that comes with the season, offer us a break for relaxation, meditation and inspiring contemplation . In the internal setting, new ideas are welcomed by the Pétalas de Rattan Chair , which, with a boho style , combines rattan and wood .

Harmonizing Your Home for Spring

Home decor with zen art and natural fiber

Environment decorated with objects from the Arte & Tune shop.

In the spring garden decoration , the flowers , present in those given by Mother Earth , are prominent elements . Balinese that favors the use of natural materials such as rattan , wood , mother-of-pearl , stone and bamboo .

decorated environment garden garden spring artsintonia zen cozy

Spring Collection available on our website and physical store.

Hammocks are a good choice to make the environment more pleasant and inviting . Together with the ethnic Indian pouf in structured cotton and with Indian embroidery , which bring an organic and cheerful tone to the composition.

Utilitarian Art with Mother of Pearl Candle Holder

Lotus flower candle holder and pouf on natural fiber pendant

The lotus flower candle holder is the face of spring.

Spring air invites us to flower the home. And a great object for this function is the versatile and functional lotus candle holder . Its enveloping character is enhanced when illuminated by candlelight. The mother-of-pearl candle holder goes very well with the Balinese rattan fiber pouf , composing a harmonious and flowery garden decoration , but can also be present in interior decoration . Both pieces stimulate creativity , in view of their versatility , which is an invitation to different forms of composition.

This candle holder made from Refined raw materials gives an air of sophistication to the lighting. mother of pearl candle holder  comes in the shape of a lotus flower , a symbol of spiritual purity , in red and orange colors, its charm and brightness intensified with the brightness of the flame.

Extraordinary in harmonisation, they work equally well indoors as well as outdoors. Being great allies of boho decor and garden decor . A beautiful item capable of making creativity flourish and light up.

Bali Decor with Rattan Lamp

Zen decor with natural fiber lamp

Plants and natural fibers in perfect harmony.

The keyword that describes the balinese art It is snuggle . Bali houses are welcoming, having nature, lighting and plants very valued. With emphasis on Warm colors , which give us the feeling of comfort , in Bali Decor . Bali pendant lamps are referential elements of the best that the culture and art of Indonesia can convey to us.

Great partners when the theme is sustainable decoration .

be in room , in living room or in any other environment in the home, the natural fiber extracted from the Calamos Rotang palm tree , originally from countries in Asia and Oceania . Because of its flexibility, the rattan is a raw material of great creative potential, present in different artifacts such as mirrors , chairs , lamps and also baskets .

Blooming environments with Boho Decor

Macramé Plant Hanger in Sisal

As previously mentioned, natural fiber is a great ally when it comes to environments with boho decor . This style, which has everything to do with spring , stands out for its laid-back look, which combines sophistication and warmth at the same time.

Combining vibrant colors , natural raw materials , ethnic and zen artifacts. This style goes perfectly with Spring and the creative energy this season brings! A good decorative object tip to create a space Boho is the sisal macrame plant support . Serving for vases of various sizes, this decorative art imported from India , this piece allows us to decorate the house with a multiple diversity of plants


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