Decorative mirror - Balance the environment with Feng Shui

The mirror has traveled through the history and culture of many civilizations with different compositions and functionalities. Modern, lighter and lighter mirrors like the ones we know today were developed around the 19th century, when new raw materials were considered and the manufacturing technique improved, facilitating large-scale production and marketing.

Over time, the use of the decorative mirror purely as a reflective object has given way to new (less vain) functions that add value to interior decoration , such as inserting the feeling of spaciousness, propagating natural lighting and attracting, moving or redirecting the chi , the vital energy of the environment, according to the ancient art of Feng Shui .

The decorative mirror brings the feeling of amplitude in the environment and makes it more illuminated.

The location of the mirror on the wall decoration is one of the most important factors in defining what you want to reflect and duplicate. Directing it with a view of the garden, for example, will activate the positive chi of nature in addition to increasing the spread of light in interiors; while placing it between Buddha sculptures will create a focal point and emphasize the energy vibrating at their essences.

A large mirror makes a visual impact in environments with reduced space due to the illusion of depth. The idea of ​​expansion also extends to vital energy if it is located in the hallway, making it circulate throughout the house promoting healing. No wonder the mirror is called “aspirin” in Feng Shui .

According to Feng Shui, mirrors are essential to balance the energy of environments.

Round mirror with picture frame adds texture to the decor , regardless of the style it assumes, be it modern, classic, rustic or minimalist. However, according to the bagua map, the orientation, material and color in which it is made will define which of the five Feng Shui elements - fire, earth, metal, water or wood - vibrates in the piece. A harmonic Zen space needs to contain the five elements in balance.

Mirrors are constantly used in the dining room, reflecting the center of the table to duplicate the image of food, which symbolizes abundance, and attract wealth and abundance to the house. Everything that is mirrored will be energetically bent, so you need to analyze what you want to have more in your life before placing them in interiors .

mirror-for-bathroom-entrance-decoration-living room
In wall decoration it is important to integrate the style of the frame or mirror.

Like all decorative art , before choosing a wall mirror for its aesthetics, you need to be aware of what the mirror and frame set awakens in you. Your senses will always be your masters. Tune in to your inner voice!

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