Indian Decoration Tips - Zen Arts with Hindu Gods

Today we are going to start a series of tips on how to give an Indian touch to your home decor , leaving your environment harmonious and sophisticated. A well-thought-out and well-planned decoration will completely change the atmosphere of the environment, it is worth dedicating your time to searching and perfecting the choice of decorative items for your home, as it is the small details that make the difference in the final result.

Environments with Indian decoration and oriental inspiration.

Let's start our series talking about figurines and sculptures of the Gods of Hinduism. Artifacts of Hindu gods are great options for decorating, the more harmonic and crafted the piece, the more personality it will give to the environment.

Hinduism gods for interior decoration.

Ganesha is one of the most popular mythological characters in Hinduism. He is considered the destroyer of obstacles to spiritual and material development, allowing his devotees to achieve riches and ensuring success in all undertakings, which is why he is the first divinity revered in all Hindu rituals. It symbolizes that untapped intelligence within each of us. The sculpture of the following image was made with stone dust and reproduces the image of Ganesha, one of the most worshiped gods in Hinduism. The purpose of worshiping and evoking Ganesha is to bring about internal transformation, he opens paths, protects homes, he is the lord of intelligence, learning and common sense.

Hindu god lord Ganesh sculpture for garden decoration.

In Hinduism, Shiva means the "beneficial" , the one who does good. He is the supreme god of Hinduism known as the destroyer, the transformer, as well as symbolizing creative energy, he participates in the Hindu trinity along with Brahma . Nataraj is one of the most powerful representations of Shiva . The sculpture in the image below, made in bronze by artisans from India, illustrates the Hindu God dancing inside a circle of fire , a symbol of renewal.

Decorative figurine of Shiva Nataraj in bronze for Zen spaces.

We have many other Indian decoration tips to give you in the next articles, we will talk about cushion covers, lanterns, lamps, mandalas, handles and others. Check out some incredible and different pieces below, which are part of the Arte & Tune store collection and will give that special touch to your environment:

Arts from India to make your environment more charming!

Of course, these are just a few pieces that can be used, but using your creativity it will be possible to bring your personality to your environment , nothing fairer. Immerse yourself, enjoy the free time to plan, mine and innovate with pleasure and wisdom. Create and be inspired without fear of being happy!

Get inspired by the decorative arts and arts with Hindu gods from Arte & Tune

At Arte & Tune you can find an infinity of decorative arts from different parts of the world, whatever your style, the possibilities are at your disposal, it's up to you to choose what you like the most , it will be a pleasure to be of assistance to you and your environment. How about checking out some of the many new features on the site!? Visit our online store . Every week there's loads of art and decorations arriving from all over the world. Hope you enjoyed our tip!

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Gabriella Cruz - Art & Tune Columnist

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