Rustic decoration - Arts that promote well-being

No decorative style surpasses the ability to welcome and make you feel at home like the rustic style , by fully rescuing the warmth of the connection with nature and ancestry , creating an urban refuge. Through it, interior decoration is enhanced with a simple , solid, harmonious essence and a welcoming atmosphere .

The word rustic derives from the French “ rustique ”, which means traditional country or provincial style , representing the combination of different styles with rural references such as country, primitive, bucolic, beach, ecodesign , among others, which embrace colors, textures and materials of natural inspiration . .

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The rustic-style decor emphasizes natural elements such as wood.

Naturalness is the guiding principle of the rustic decoration , which privileges elements with raw structures or handcrafted without leaving them with too manufactured characteristics. Decorative arts in stone or wood, for example, are carved in order to highlight the texture and color that make up the natural aesthetics of the raw material or receive artistic paintings that are aged naturally and artificially - simulating wear and tear due to the action of time.

Ancestry is present in ethnic sculptures , vases , furniture , panels and decorative masks that make up the rustic style through the craft techniques in which they were made and the ethnic groups they culturally represent. The handmade work is extremely valuable to increase the feeling of comfort proposed by the style, in addition to adding symbols of their countries of origin.

Rustic handmade artwork is aged to enhance the feeling of comfort.

The rustic always acts as an aggregator in interior decoration , adding charm and warmth even with the presence of modern conveniences, such as appliances, which are far from what is expected of a traditional country environment . This also highlights the inherent eclecticism of nature and its diversity of textures, colors and raw materials.

The robust character that constituted the old rustic furniture also gave way to structures with more lightness, mobility and without so much sobriety with modernization, maintaining the previous aesthetics and durability and favoring the coordination with other decorative styles.

The rustic decoration is sensorially welcoming and includes other styles in its composition.

In this decoration, comfort is the watchword, so it is not surprising that there are plants and basketwork or textiles with natural fibers in the compositions, maintaining the warmth, simplicity, freshness and natural beauty of the elements in more sophisticated arrangements. that add visual interest and texture to the environment. Being comfortable in a space that invites you to relax is the first sign that the essence of the decoration has been achieved.

Another striking feature of the rustic style is the escape from perfection or standard. It opens up to organic imperfection, natural flaws, asymmetrical and abstract lines, what flows according to the craftsman's inspiration and what makes you feel well-being by promoting stability in interiors.

Combine arts with color, texture and natural materials to achieve rustic decor.

It is worth mentioning that the style is not caricatured and that the natural appeal expands its possibilities of including what is rustic. Just think of the beaches, the countryside and the mountains, for example, to understand its scope and what its main purpose is: to welcome and provide relaxation.

We have already suggested here some valuable tips for combining decorative arts in the environment. Take advantage of them and take possession of the unpretentious elegance and cozy feeling of rustic decoration through the pieces we have selected for our virtual store and create a unique environment that “embraces” your best moments!


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