Marrakesh Collection - Decorative lanterns for rechaud candles

Dear readers, today we present to you the Marrakesh Collection , whose striking colors define the identity of the pieces. This line of products by Arte & Tune is made up of decorative lanterns , handcrafted in metal and colored glass by artists from India and Morocco , and are key pieces to decorate with candles and provide a touch of romanticism to your environment .

Below are some of the decorative lanterns from the Marrakesh collection , check out the full line in our online store .

Decorative lantern "Princess" 34cm for candle.
Decorative hanging lantern 58x21cm
Orange and green "Sattva" lantern for candles.
Moroccan lantern "Namaste" multicolor 35cm
Moroccan lantern "Ishwara" 58cm.

All pieces have a support to house candles such as rechaud , ensuring that the light from the flame is in a centered position and illuminates the entire piece. In interior decoration they can be used individually or together, however, the latter will guarantee a more stunning visual impact.

Decorative lantern "Star" 18cm.
Moroccan lantern "Shanti" 50cm.
Flashlight "Chit" orange and other colors.

Give your environment a touch of romance with the Marrakesh Collection ! Some models can be adapted to use lamps. Consult a trusted electrician and make the environment even more charming!

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