Buddhas in the decoration of environments conquering the West

You must have already seen them somewhere... They are everywhere and in the most varied environments, we are talking about Buddha statues / sculptures . Can decorate your garden, living room, office, bedroom, etc.

Sophistication of the Buddhas in Zen decoration. Photos: Reproduction

The Buddhas in the decoration externalize the incessant search for internal peace, wisdom and spiritual evolution of their owners. A Buddha in your home will bring lightness and harmony to the space, a sense of peace that will be noticed by everyone. "Positive things attract positive things", and nothing more positive than a Buddha image to decorate your home!

Decorative arts with Buddha to energize environments. Photos: Reproduction

Buddhism is better titled as an ancient eastern philosophy and not a religion. It has millions of followers in the East as well as the West, and many of its ideas are now championed by modern science, medicine and psychology. However, being a Buddhist is not a prerequisite for owning and contemplating a Buddha sculpture . In fact, anyone with an open mind and a love of Zen spaces can find beauty in Buddhist decorations .

Decoration of external and internal environments with Buddhist gods. Photos: Reproduction

Some points should be considered in Buddha decorations:

  • The bigger the better : it is believed that the bigger the Buddha , the more energetic influence he will have;
  • Do not place it directly on the ground : use furniture or altars to keep the Buddha above ground level at all times. Many Feng Shui experts recommend placing them above eye level.
  • Do not place a Buddha near equipment with motors or noise: noise tends to disturb the surrounding energy.
  • Have a Buddha on your study or work desk: Buddha 's countenance will help you stay focused and achieve your goals. Make sure it is clean and organized.
Oriental decor with Buddhas and decorative candle lanterns.

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