Asian decor - A trip to Asia with oriental art

Many horizons can be covered without leaving home through Asian decor . The beauty and special meaning of oriental arts wrapped in cultural contexts from different countries give the environment the creative touch and the desired exclusivity. Entering such different perspectives to build an original space, without disconnecting from its personality, is an enriching path, which transforms interiors and its interior, expanding the cultural repertoire, that is, information and the ability to feel the world.

When Asian decor settles in the spaces we inhabit, it invites us to travel with eras, histories, aesthetics and meanings that make up the structure of decorative and utilitarian objects from countries on this continent such asChina , Philippines , India , Thailand and Vietnam , including transcontinental Egypt , Indonesia , Timor-Leste and Turkey . From them we brought works of cultural arts to our online store that will make your home an inspiring haven.

China: the tradition and contemplative beauty of realism

Veronese Design imprints its realistic art on sophisticated bronze statues of gods and animals.

The admirable karst natural beauties of Guilin , in the southern region, and the grandeur of the Great Wall of China , considered a Unesco World Heritage Site , are some fascinating scenarios that undoubtedly make China a surprising destination. But if there's something that slips through the fingers when considering delving into Chinese culture , it's the relevance of the traditions that sustain everything that encompasses the universe of the most populous country in the world, including art - in all its forms.

The cold-cast bronze sculpture , among other collectible resin art, showcases the high quality and mastery of realistic figurative art by artists such as Veronese Design , a Hong Kong and Taiwanese brand inspired by the detailed work of Paolo Veronese . Mystical animals and figures from the most diverse religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism show the connection with traditions that guide the decoration, such as the dramatic Chinese landscape aimed at contemplation.

Egypt: The Ethnic Experience of Kilim Carpets

Egyptian rugs and rugs display powerful meanings in geometric designs.

Stroking your feet or lying back on the floor enjoying the colorful surface with diverse geometric shapes of a legitimate Kilim rug can bring back the unique experience of a dromedary tour under the sands of the desert at the archaeological site of the Pyramids of Giza . The ethnic appeal of the Egyptian rug is inspired by the nomadic life of the Bedouins to create an original environment, with an unpretentious aesthetic that attracts all eyes.

The ethnic experience with handcrafted Egyptian tapestry can include sofa decoration , as the fine structure makes it useful as a blanket , or wall decoration , such as a painting or panel, if you want something even more exclusive - taking advantage of the powerful meanings linked to each geometric design to customize the environment with all Egyptian eccentricity. Take advantage of the profusion of colors in the drawings to create unique compositions!

Philippines: the pearly glow of lotus candle holders

Candlelight and mother-of-pearl lotus flower keep the spiritual connection in the decor.

The mother-of-pearl and the lotus flower draw attention to the relationship with water and its power of transformation. And it is not surprising that it is as abundant as it is essential in the paradisiacal settings of the Philippines . The mother-of -pearl lining the inside of the shells structures the Philippine candleholder, extending the candlelight's range with the iridescent sheen of its surface. In addition to producing a stunning visual effect, mother-of-pearl brings out the spiritual essence and path of evolution like the lotus, when it leaves the muddy depths of the lake to blossom on the surface.

They will be excellent decorative objects for environments dedicated to meditation practices, since the warm lighting reduces tension, calms emotions, and prepares the spirit for the state of presentification. The candle flame can still be used as an instrument of the trátaka , a name in Sanskrit that means to fix the gaze, used for yoga and meditation exercises focused on the relationship between vision and mind. It develops intuition, concentration and helps to increase the power of action.

India: the solidity of industrial-style furniture

Metal and rustic wood reinforce the strength and visual weight of Indian furniture.

The resistance of ancestry and monumental architecture make India an incredible route to marvel at a culture enriched by ancient traditions. In this context, the Indian capital, Delhi , becomes a sure destination for those who want to appreciate the legacies of the past, envisioning the perfect harmony they establish with the modern world of contemporaneity. Indian furniture is what best portrays this union, especially when the design returns to the industrial style .

The exposed metal of this round coffee table draws attention to the structure, giving it back all its protagonism. The rustic style of reused wood forms a composition with weight and visual interest that adds warmth and solidity to the interior decoration . And just like Delhi , ancient and modern meet in balance in this sophisticated piece of furniture from India .

Indonesia: the richness of Balinese art and mythology

The importance of mythical creatures in Balinese culture like Barong , king of spirits.

Take time for each island and natural beauty that makes up the transcontinental archipelago of Indonesia , a country that hugs the boundaries between the continents of Asia and Oceania. And if, by chance, you can only choose a single route, choose the island of Bali as your destination. Bali 's nature and cultural heritage are equally fascinating and show that it will be difficult not to fall in love with the magnitude of the beliefs and its rich mythology that inspire the most diverse styles of decorative arts such as sculptures and paintings , and artistic manifestations such as dance and theater.

The Barong dance is one of the most traditional in Bali , portraying, to the sound of gamelan, the battle aimed at balancing dual forces: good and evil or light and darkness. The Balinese mythological creature Barong , king of the spirits, - represented with the image of a boar, tiger or dragon - as leader of the forces of good battle with Rangda , the demon queen, to establish justice and peace. Being considered sacred, the image of Barong illustrates many decorative objects such as screens , decorative masks and organizing boxes , in order to protect the energy of the environments.

Thailand: the fascination of light cords in the environment

thai-decor-dancer-thai-hindu-balinese-art-clothesline-light-polka dots
The clothesline of lights shows that ambient lighting can unite functionality and mood.

Decorating the room, walls, headboards, furniture and other surfaces with Thai strings of light will surely transport you to the atmosphere of Thailand in November. This is because at the beginning of the month there is Yi Peng , the famous Festival of Lanterns that light up the sky across the country, especially in the cities of Chiang Mai , Bangkok and Sukhothai . Simultaneously with this festival of sky lanterns, the festival of floating lanterns, Loy Krathong , is held, which also illuminates the rivers in small rafts of banana leaves with offerings.

The warm light from the clothesline with colored lights brings warmth to the interior spaces, transforming them into a typical romance setting. In the absence of the possibility of releasing them into the universe and making a wish, the cord will manifest its own desire to create a warm, fun and original home.

Timor-Leste: the beauty of the ethnic style of masks

The geometric motifs are great differentials of the Timorese carved wood arts.

On the walls of Lene Hara , the main cave of the Lautém cave complex, in Timor-Leste , there are details of ancestry engraved over 10,000 years ago. These Timorese rock carvings are some of the major influences on the country's decorative arts style. Wooden masks , for example, carry the cultural heritage of Timor , in addition to all the symbology linked to the connection with ancestral spirits. Traveling for this adventure is to let yourself be amazed by the grotesque faces with ethnic style that compose them, accompanied by meanings for the locals.

The island of Timor-Leste is also full of natural beauty with dense forests. This deep connection with nature is maintained in the reuse of natural wood as the main raw material for panels , mandalas and other decorative objects. There will be no shortage of unique and impressive pieces to compose the home decor with the best of art in carved wood .

Türkiye: the colors of the lighting mosaics

Colored glass and beads form colorful designs on the domes of Turkish lampshades.

The view from the stone houses located in the Pombo Valley in Cappadocia is certainly more unforgettable gliding in the sky in colorful balloons. And if there's something Turkey 's culture doesn't lack, it's colors. They bathe the most refined decorative arts, creating forms and composing a particular aesthetic for the environment, whether through utilitarian or decorative objects such as handcrafted ceramics with Iznik floral paintings and Turkish lamps with their domes endowed with the finest art with colorful mosaics .

The variety of color compositions, designs and formats make Turkish table lamps essential items to differentiate the space, taking advantage of the usefulness of the lighting and the sophisticated aesthetics of the lamp. The curved lampshades , which leave the dome hanging, raise the focus of light and anchor the movement of the piece with their curved lines. Mosaic designs, especially those with mandalas , are other dynamic details that radiate vibrant colors in the environment in a delicate and enchanting way.

Vietnam: the delicacy of rattan and ceramic pots

Natural fiber baskets become essential utilitarian objects.

The braided natural fiber that makes up the structure of the basketry offers lightness and resistance for whatever the functionality. This perspective can be corroborated if you go through the rice fields of Vietnam and notice the predominance of baskets as utilitarian objects for peasants. The astonishing view of Sapa 's rice paddies will inspire an instant contemplative state and the simplicity of country life will bring to the decor what is essential. In this way, rattan baskets lend their best features to make small surfaces extremely beautiful and functional.

The deconstruction of basketwork, adding the shape of a pot and box with lids, enhances its utilitarian character and leads the aesthetics to the utmost refinement. The Vietnamese art with rattan fiber for interior decoration is even more refined when it is personalized with handmade tiles that print significant designs in colorful artistic painting - an adjacent element that lives up to the idea that in the small details are the big differences.

After this quick tour of the cultural beauties of Asia , we invite you to enter other treasures that we brought from countries in Africa , Central America and South America . Be sure to marvel at the possibilities of envisioning unique and enriching scenarios in your own home.


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