Zen art - The importance of decoration in spirituality

As we speak of the decorative arts , we are deeply inspired by its ability to make connections; to transcend geographic and temporal boundaries; and to materialize histories , cultures and lifestyles in objects full of magnetism.

The truth is that through it we manifest our vision of the world and what feeds our interior in the environment . After all, just like the body, the house is our temple. And through it, we find comfort and balance our feelings.

Decorative art is a way to bring balance to our private temple.

In Hindu-Buddhist culture, ancient shrines (built between the 8th and 15th centuries) are called candi . These temples also reflect the idea of ​​refuge in architecture with the incorporation of sculptures rich in spiritual symbolism , which spread beliefs and stories.

The sculptures of buddhas are the most representative in the sanctuaries and demonstrate the union between Buddhism (religion of Indian influence) and animism (belief of aboriginal interaction), present in the religious culture of Indonesia . It represents the conviction that the decorative arts embody spiritual energies and powers .

Buddhas symbolize protection and transform the environment into a spiritual refuge.

Tribal masks are also endowed with spiritual symbolism and before becoming unique decorative arts , they were ritualistic instruments of many ancient cultures in Indonesia (Bali), Africa, Brazil, Peru and the United States (Hawaii).

Generally, they are made with natural components - wood, bones, textile fibers, horns, feathers and shells - along with ethnic handcrafted paintings or carved surfaces that cover them with mystical meanings. Through rustic aesthetics and the energy of the elements that compose them, they will provide spiritual protection, beauty and comfort to the environment.

In short, decorative masks are great works of art and have invaluable historical values ​​that characterize the cultural plurality that exists throughout the world.

Masks are present in the ritualistic culture of many places in the world.

Whether through sculptures , masks , furniture or lighting objects, decorative art manifests the cultural and spiritual richness of the artisans who developed it. It encourages us to bring energies that are in tune with ours into our environment.

For this reason, we have prepared an incredible collection of decorative masks, lampshades and Buddha sculptures. And we hope you can find the perfect art for your home!


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