Decorative pillows - Embroidered, round and printed

Interior decoration has no obstacles for those who are creative and believe in the potential of small details. After all, they are the great differentials when there is not enough space or resources to transform the environment. The variety of decorative pillows is there to show that it is always possible to redesign the house guided by comfort without compromising style.

In this context, with the awareness that the sofa is the focal point of the living room , you can get an idea of ​​the visual impact caused by the combination of prints , colors , textures and shapes of cushions for the living room . In addition, this creative bias should not neglect other potential spaces such as armchairs , chairs , benches and, why not, rugs and the floor to print extra doses of heat. The ideas below are licenses for freedom that will have you effortlessly revamping your home.

Embroidered pillows: the special touch of Indian art

The visible hand-made appearance and textures created by Indian embroideries are conducive to the feeling of warmth. And at this point this cultural heritage of India becomes a powerful resource of interior design and gives that special touch to the room. The different types of colorful embroidery gathered on the square cushion are so inviting that they will catch the eye of everyone who passes by them in the environment.

The union of style and comfort with futons

It is worth thinking not only about the arrangement of the cushion in interiors, but also about the intended function of each type. Harder square models like futons are great alternatives for seating on the floor, for hammocks or wooden benches , for example. In general, futon cushions are plain, with flat colors marked by tufts, but nothing prevents you from improvising the seat with something more exclusive.

Round pillows: essential accessories in meditation

The round shape of the pillows make them great meditation accessories.

Meditation practices are more comfortable supported by traditional round cushions as seats. Meditation pillows are usually more rigid, as the lining is made with wheat husks. However, if you're a beginner, soft cotton pieces will soothe external annoyances and help keep you inspired longer.

The visual interest proposed by colorful covers and cushions

The embroidered mandalas on the colorful cushions are other decorative elements with a Zen essence. And even if the objective is not holistic, it is possible to play with the format and color combination in order to create visual interest in the sofa decoration and create a naturally rich environment. The use of cushion covers , in turn, makes it possible to change details of the space while maintaining the same principles.

Patterned pillows: colors for sofa decor

The color combination of plain and patterned pillows makes the room more interesting.

Prints are the soul of decoration and, although it may not seem like it, creating combinations between them is simpler than you might think. We've already talked a little about this process here in an attempt to guide you to success, but here are other tips that are worth gold: start by defining an odd number of printed pillows where at least 2 pairs repeat the patterns or colors if you idealize something symmetrical; and pair unpretentious patterns with a guide color if you aim for the deconstructed aesthetic.

Plain colors also have a place among prints.

Plain cushions coordinated with prints or embroideries do not compete when one has in mind the link between them (color, style, theme, etc.). And the proportion of each will depend on the type of environment you want to produce. Still, it's worth remembering that too many prints can erase the pillow 's softness by promoting visual weight in the space. The balance of information is important so that all details are valued.

In our virtual store there are more models of pillows and covers to feed your creativity. Let yourself be enchanted by the uniqueness of the handcrafted pieces in crochet , patchwork and rajasthani embroidery!


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