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It is no surprise to anyone that the natural beauties of Florianópolis are its first tourist attractions. The inspiring climate of the Island of Santa Catarina contemplates the city with the most beautiful view and with the Art & Tune Café | Decor would be no different. The privileged location, in front of Lagoa da Conceição, makes the sunset reverence customers who sit on the deck to enjoy the delicious combination of art and gastronomy.

With the variety of services offered by the cafeteria, it is more pleasant to spend as much time as you wish getting to know the history and characteristics of each decorative art distributed throughout the spaces of the decoration store . There is no shortage of reasons to give yourself a visit to this place full of good vibes. Still, we list 6 that will make you consider this charming Café | Decor on your next trip to Florianópolis.

Cozy outdoor lighting design

Wall sconces, rustic pendants and lotus flower candle holders provide cozy outdoor lighting.

If during the day the view of Lagoa da Conceição turns the deck with wooden pergola into a strategic point to contemplate it, at night it is the lighting of the external area that turns into a true spectacle. From the store's veranda, along the path to the deck , the rustic lamps are turned on and cast warm light to promote the feeling of welcoming.

Handcrafted pendants and sconces made with natural raw materials, pendant lamps made of indigenous basketwork made from natural arumã fiber and the Philippine lotus flower candle holder with mother-of-pearl petals take center stage in the lighting project . Together they promote well-being in customers and make the experience more pleasant.

Dining room with handmade wooden furniture

The outdoor area and the deck are environments intended for dining with tables, chairs and rustic benches.

External lighting is strategically arranged in the dining area. The welcoming essence it promotes is enhanced by the rustic style of the handcrafted furniture made from reclaimed wood and natural rattan fiber. The tables are round and come with four chairs with ergonomic backrests that make customers feel at ease.

The rattan nest , in turn, steals the spotlight from those who choose the deck to savor the delights of coffee. The distinctive look of the handcrafted bench plus round cushions colored with Indian embroidery invites you to sit down and take a picture after enjoying all the best that the space offers for decoration . And the best: all these pieces are also available for sale!

Quick snacks and toast for brunch

Appetizers and tasty snacks are great orders for brunch or a break from visiting the store.

Brunch is even more delicious with quick snacks and wholemeal toast to be enjoyed with special coffees, cappuccinos or detox juices. The snacks are simple, neat and pressed in toast that gives a special flavor. The toast is made with wholemeal bread and is served with home-made fine herb butter.

They translate well the concept of calm food , full of soul and affection - the same essence of the decoration store (both virtual and physical ) and everything it sells. The presentation of the dishes is another point that delights the eye and makes them more inviting. It is highlighted by the neutrality of the white dishes on which they are served and gives them due prominence.

Acai in the bowl and tartlets to sweeten the palate

There are healthier sweet options with fruit and more affectionate with chocolate to suit all tastes.

It's hard to talk about affective food and not consider something sweet. The healthy option to sweeten the palate has a name: Açaí da Lagoa . This açaí bowl features strawberries, granola, paçoca and honey as accompaniments and promises to be a refreshing experience for the hottest days. However, if you want something more refined to be enjoyed with hot drinks from the cafeteria, the sweet chocolate cake will be the best option.

The crunchy base balances the sweetness of the chocolate and, together with the waves of the mold and the filling, create an elegant sweet. It harmonizes perfectly with coffee-based drinks such as espresso and cappuccino , but nothing prevents you from enjoying it with your favorite fruit juice or tea.

Hot and refreshing drinks for all times

Drinks, detox juices, coffee, cappuccino, kombuchas and beers are the drinks available at Café | Decor.

The Art & Tune Café | Decor has a great appreciation for the artisanal process and sees handmade as the new luxury. The choice to serve special coffee , where there is a singular care with everything from the plant to the cup, presents the same value. Not to mention that the aromas and characteristics of the coffee are maintained with greater quality in all processes and preparations, whether in the espresso or in its combination with steamed milk to form the cappuccino .

In addition to hot drinks, refreshing options (super colorful) and other alcoholic options were included to suit all moments, from brunch to happy hour , such as detox juices , kombucha with different flavors, caipirinhas, mojitos and beers. Options abound!

The best of gastronomy for lunch or dinner

The gastronomic delight is in charge of the masses, commonly known as the best comfort food in Lagoa da Conceição.

There are tasty combinations for those who visit Café | Decor in the main meals of the day such as lunch or dinner. Guided by the warmest comfort food , they chose pasta and the versatility of sauces and accompaniments as one of the kitchen's flagships. Spaghetti with sugo sauce, pesto, among others, show that the menu presents the best of affective gastronomy .

These small gastronomic pleasures added to all the details of the space are provided so that the environment becomes an extension of your home. We have already shown some of these details here while we share the ideal of the physical store of Arte & Tune in Florianópolis, however, nothing compares with its presence there. Be sure to pay a visit!


Milene Sousa - Art & Tune

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Rick Davis
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